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In Home Bible Study

If you are interested in learning more about the Bible,

a in-home-bible-study may be what you are looking for.

Benefits of the in-home-bible-study


Exploring God's Word is taught by experienced bible teachers.

The bible study can be taught almost anywhere in the world.

If you live locally to us in Anamosa, Iowa, there are multiple ways we can get together.

    ▶   In your own home

    ▶   In our home

    ▶   At our Church: Apostolic Assembly Church, Anamosa, Iowa

    ▶   At a library

Anywhere where we can study and not be interrupted or interfere with others.

But,....... what if we can not physically get together, hmmmm.......is there a way we can still do a bible study?


We can and have taught Exploring God's Word bible study over the internet. We use one of two video chat programs.

    ▪   Skype

        ▶   Usually only good for one to one video chats

    ▪   Vsee

        ▶   Multiple people can connect allowing for group bible studies

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